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Publications On Resume. how to list publications on a resume you have options when listing publications on a resume include a list on a separate page add them to the ac plishments section or use a standalone how to list publications on the resume if you have printed work that you want to include as part of your resume there are several ways of documenting publications on a resume in order to resume help how to list citations on your resume today petra wrote me asking how to include citations on her resume if you are in an academic or scientific career citing your research publications how to cite a publication on a résumé how to cite a publication on a résumé retrieved from publication rsum ml hope spencer "how to cite a 10 things smart phds do not put on their industry resumes i do not question your suggestion in point 8 to remove publications from a resume however a first author publication on a resume shows successful publications in cv resume forum i use two different headings first is "publications " under which i list book chapters articles and reviews i ve authored and which have been published .