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Sample Email to Professor for Research assistantship. sample email to professors in us for research assistantship basic rules to follow when writing an email to professors whether this is your 1 st email or you are sending a follow up as part of previous email follow this rules have a catchy subject line including professors area of research interest see below proper punctuations capitalization emails should be short and simple how to ask a professor for a research assistantship quora create a resume or a cv to email or to hand to the professor a sample mail which i approaching a professor asking for research assistantship is a sample email to professors in usa for assistantship i have received a request from few of our readers asking about a sample template email which they can use to various assistant ships research assistantship graduate assistantship etc sample email to professor for teaching assistantship aeg dear professor xyz i saw the posting on student munity center for employment as a graduate teaching assistant in your classroom for operations research i would wel e being hired for this position i am in a masters phd program and expect to earn my degree in june xxxx i am writing this mail to apply for this position sample email to professor for research assistantship sample email to professor for research assistantship so you 39 re thinking about graduate school in operations research math cover letter for research sample email for inquiring about research dear professor x my name is peter anteater and i am very interested in be ing involved in research in subject area i am a x year student with a gpa of x i have taken courses and additional experiences my goal is to goal i have reviewed your faculty profile and am interested in the work that you have done .