How to furnish an apartment? Find interior design ideas for small house

When renovating the apartment, it is a place of harmony that must be considered first and foremost. The balance of each room is important. For example, a table, chairs and sofa should be organized symmetrically. Avoid painting dark walls if the rest of the room has a dominant color clear. Take advantage of natural light entering your apartment. Elegant curtains could allow soft light across the room and illuminates the reading corner leaving a relaxed atmosphere in your apartment. Beware of overflows and excesses if you combine the details of the decor. Simplicity is a plus! Integrating the “negative space”, ie you will leave the space blank intentionally and without embellishment.

Decorating the apartment is not like the decor throughout the house so do not be too ambitious. The apartment should be at the same time looks like the occupants and keep it simple. decoration they should give an impression of comfort, so do not abuse the influence of the force. Here again, the color scheme is very important. With a clearer tones on the walls and ceiling, your room will look larger and fits in perfectly with pillows and wooden floors. Add character and a personal touch to your room with the help of paintings and other art pieces. In addition, the flower arrangement reinforces the warm welcome that you will reserve for your visitors. However, your personal tastes and desires that will determine your home decor. Take time to think about the color,

The challenge with large rooms is to create a friendly and familiar atmosphere. With a very broad floor, the cave walls and large windows you will quickly feel crazy and uncomfortable. It’s exactly the uncomfortable feeling that the interior designer wants to avoid. Here, a touch of green will work wonders! Try to arrange some plants while playing with natural light to echo the sweetness of nature outside. Here is, for example, a combination that never disappoints: playing with the contrast between the warm colors, white walls and wooden floors. Add dice to the bottom of the walls or painting them in two tones will reduce the height of your ceiling. rack,

small spaces should be enlarged to the maximum. Choose bright colors and do not even think about putting on decorative accessories and ornaments. Concentrating on the essentials, namely a bed, sofa and table and do not forget to leave enough space for circulation. With the right combination of bright colors and natural light, each room can derive a friendly atmosphere and spacious, even if it remains an illusion. Practical Tip: Use a folding chair and a table to save more space.